The mob is still alive and kicking

Manhattan prosecutor told to the jurors in Wednesday that mob is still alive, referring to a trial of Nicholas Santora who served as an inspiration for famous character of Donnie Brasco.

In his opening statement, ADA David Stuart stated that this is not Hollywood. He addressed to the court that three defendants have committed three crimes and that Bonanno organized crime family is still alive and conducting business. He stated that old members of the family are training new ones to inherit their throne.

Stuart presented a case against old underboss, famous by his nickname Captain Church, who was allegedly accused of overseeing an online gambling casinos, the sale of prescribed medications that involve Viagra and Cialis, and illegal loans of money from 2010 to 2012.

november-15-2010-leonardo-rizzuto-grandsStuart warned jurors not to be fooled by fragile 73 old man sitting in a wheelchair at the defense table. He reminded jury of a statement caught on wiretap, where Captain Church says, in crude mob language, that he is the one who is running the business. For more information follow this link.

The lawyer of reputed soldier Anthony Skinny Santoro, Adam Konta, told the jurors that idea of mob was sexy and that we all grew up watching movies that praised mafia and made them seem like big crime family that went through life with a lot of success.

bonannoKonta said that Ernest Aiello, Santora, Vito Badamo and Santoro are just close friends, who were born and raised together. Konta continued with his statement that Mr. Santoro didn’t make anyone sleep with the fishes, he was just a person who conducted a gambling operations and doesn’t have any kind of connection with Bonanno crime organization.

Konta joked on account of James Tartaglione, one of witnesses that prosecution brought, stating that he killed seven people. Konta said that even Game of Thrones doesn’t have so many seasons.

Michael Alber, the defense lawyer told to the jury that supposed mob boss Santora is still operating the crew, but authorities didn’t find any evidence to connect him with the crimes.