Bill Cosby case will go forward

The judge in Montgomery County made a decision in Wednesday to go forward with a case of Bill Cosby who has been accused of sexual assault. In a pretrial hearing, Cosby’s lawyers have been arguing for two days, stating that this criminal case should have been buried in 2005, based on a promise of District Attorney Bruce Castor newer to prosecute famous actor.

But the judge had an opposite opinion and stated that there was no basis to grant a relief. The Cosby’s layers announce an appeal on judge’s decision, because they think it is wrong.

47879384.cachedIn this case, where the former employee of Temple University, Andrea Constand, accuses the famous actor of committing an assault in her home, back in 2004, will go back on the court again.  You can find out more here. Cosby was charged, on December 30, with aggravated assault against Constand, who reported the unfortunate event to the authorities in 2005.

Bruce Castor, who was at the time Montgomery County district attorney, ruled out sexual assault charges against Cosby, because he didn’t have sufficient evidence, as he said at the time.

Famous actor was charged with assault in December, eleven years after the state declined to act.

bill-cosbyIn 2005 the part of Cosby’s legal team was attorney John P. Schmitt, during the testimony in Wednesday he stated that it was clear to him that prosecution will not charge Cosby for assault and that was written in agreement that cannot be revoked. On the cross examination, Smith admitted that there was no other file besides the new releases that the charges would not be filed.

Dolores Troiani, the lawyer of Constand declared that she wasn’t aware of any agreement that took place in 2005, that state will never prosecute the famous actor.